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About Our Cause

"Naming and Shaming" has become a recent major trend on social media.  While this is useful in calling out prominent power abusers in politics and show business, it has also brought out people who have harmful motivations to wrongfully accuse innocent people of various forms of misbehavior, particularly sexual misconduct ranging from sexual harassment to actual rape.  Innocent people targeted in this manner currently have little or no recourse under the law to defend themselves, and their attackers, whose motives tend to be anything from jealousy, attention seeking or revenge can ruin innocent lives in this manner.  We seek to create an environment where the shamed and wrongly accused can find support and resources, as well as sharing ideas that may help to alleviate this.  Eventually, we hope to create a non-profit organization to address these issues as well This is only the first step. 
Because of the sensitive nature of this topic, we are not allowing comments to be directly posted to this site. However, feel free to contact us via the contact page, and comments, ideas, and stories that are deemed relevant will be shared on the blog page by the administrator(s) of this site.  You may choose to remain anonymous or have your name attached and credited to your stories, ideas, and information.
About the Administrator

L.R. Jones
L.R. Jones has experience in having once been falsely accused of sexual harassment by administrators in the academic university environment.  She defended herself through a combination of state government bureaus, an attorney, on-campus networking, and political activism, finally causing several university administrators to resign or otherwise precipitously depart their jobs for positions elsewhere after appearing on a local cable access channel and embarassing the university administration.  She was inspired to pursue this cause after some personal friends were wrongly subjected to horrific online shaming and harassment.